Expert Organic SEO Services & Local Search Marketing for Search Engine Optimization & First Page Search Engine Results Placement (SERP)

Optimizing your site gets you on Google Page One Search Results More Often.  That Means More Eyeballs, Clicks, Calls, and Sales. 

Your SEO or Local Search Marketing Program Will Cost Less And Work Better If You Deal With A Competent, Professional One Man Agency Like Mine Than If You Hire A “Big SEO Company”.

They Have a Lot of Overhead and Salespeople Working in Call Centers that have to be paid for. You may never talk to the same person twice.

I can charge less because I do all work myself. I don’t outsource. I do ALL the keyword research, competitive analysis, strategic planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting. You get my personal attention, small business owner to small business owner.

Make in America! Get Our SEO or Local Search Marketing Service Prices Before You Pay Too Much!

Deal Directly with the Agency Owner. No Salesmen. No Pressure.  No Committees. Made in America Means No Outsourcing to Other Countries. 


I have been doing this a long time, and I am VERY good at it.  With 20+ Years of Experience, I Have All The Skills and Talents Needed To Do Outstanding SEO Search Engine Optimization Work To Improve Search Engine Results Placement (SERP) which Will Generate Measurable Results in Qualified Website Traffic and Lead Generation.

How I Work

I Work by Mork by Meeting Clients in Person, Over the Phone, or Online Through Video Chat and Screen Sharing Using Google Meet or Zoom Video Chat Download Here.

I Will Ask Questions About Your Company, Primary and Secondary Geographic Service Areas, Specialties, Value Proposition, Best Selling Products and/or Services, Products and Services You Want to Sell More of, Ideal Customers, Competitors, and More.

Then I Perform Keyword Research to Learn What People Are Actually Typing into the Search Engines Before They Find Websites for Companies Like yours.

I Will Login to Your Website and Edit Pages to Improve or Optimize visible Copy and Image Settings as well as Invisible “Alt” and “Meta Tag Settings That Only Search Engines Can See.

With Monthly SEO Service, Results Will be Tracked and Reported, and Monthly Updates Applied for Continual Search Rank Improvement

Popular SEO Packages Shown Below:

Other Options and Customized Services Available Depending On Client Need

One Time SEO Services

FREE:  Get a Detailed Local Search Rank Report w/ Site Audit and Competitive Comparison by email. 

NICKEL: $100 One Time Fee: Two Hours of Home Page Analysis, Keyword Research and Rank Analysis & Keyword Research w/ Recommendations Report. Request a consult.

COPPER: $200 One Time Fee, Four Hours of Site Analysis, Keyword Research and Rank Analysis with Recommendations Report, Re-Write Home Page, Report Results 30 Days Later. Request a consult.

Monthly SEO Packages for Continual Improvement

BRONZE PACKAGE: $100 Monthly (Choose 2 Hours from any service(s):  Analytics Review, Keyword Research, Content Update / Re-Write, (2 Blog Posts, or 2 Page Re-Writes, or 2 Social Media posts. Request a consult.  

SILVER PACKAGE: $200 Monthly – Choose 5 Hours from Any BRONZE PACKAGE Service(s):   Request a consult.  

GOLD PACKAGE: $500 Monthly – Choose 10 Hours from Any SILVER  PACKAGE Service(s) AND/OR: Additional Competitive Analysis, Lead Generation and Conversion Study, PPC Account Management, Social Media  Recommendations. 

PLATINUM PACKAGE: $1000 Monthly – Choose 20 Hours from Any SILVER PACKAGE or GOLD PAKAGE SERVICES  Analytics, BRONZE + SILVER Services AND/OR Consulting, Strategic Planning, And Monthly Content Update Program That Adds 4 More Blog Posts, 4 More New Pages, or 4 More Off Page Social Media Posts . Request a consult.

SETUP FEE FOR MONTHLY SERVICES: New Monthly Programs for SEO Service or Local Search Marketing Service Less than $200/mo Require a $200 One Time Setup Fee to Configure Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Tracking Tools.


Services are One Time or Monthly (Month to Month).  No Long Term Contracts.   


All monthly service levels are flexible, allowing design, content, and/or seo work as needed. Use service package hours for any SEO or Inbound Marketing or Directory Listings, Review Reqeusts, or Website Maintenance such as Copy Writing, Changing Pictures, Adding New Pages, etc.


SEO Service Generally Begins with an Initial Site Audit sent by Email. An Optional, Complimentary, No Cost Follow Up Phone Consult to Review and Discuss Findings is Also Available.

If an SEO Service Proposal is Requested, Then We Will Make Specific Recommendations About Budget, Based on Industry, Category, Level of Competition, and Strategy.

New SEO Clients Should Expect Search Rank Improvement Beginning Within 30 Days.  While There Are No Long Term Contracts Here, We Recommend Continuing Monthly SEO Work For 3-6 Months to Accomplish Continual Improvement Over More Keywords and Search Phrases. This leads to better rank for primary target searches. It also improves ranking for related searches.

Search Engine Optimization Can be Done on a One Time Basis for a Boost in Niche Markets if there is Not too much Competition for Search Rank. But it Usually Needs to be Maintained Continuously for Those in Competitive Industries. Most Small Businesses are Better Off Focusing on What They Do Best, and Hiring Their SEO work from a Competent Provider. SEO Companies Generally Offer Monthly Service Packages.

Converting Traffic to Leads and Sales.

Your SEO Provider Should also be Knowledgeable About Lead Generation. After All, That is the Purpose of Getting More Traffic from Search Rank.

Great Copy, Content, and Calls To Action (CTA’s) Can All be Part of the Copy and Content Editing that is Part of SEO Work. Small Creative Improvements from month to month Can Also Improve Lead Generation and Sales by Improving User Experience.

User Experience (UX) is Measured by Metrics Such as Visitor Engagement (which can include bounce rate, pages per session, time on site, return visits percentage, contact forms begun, contact forms filled, conversion rate on contact forms, lead forms or sales carts begun, account creation, lead forms or sales carts completed, leads or sales conversion percentages, etc)

Results of SEO Service Can Begin to Show Up in Search Rank Within 30 Days, for Long Tail keywords. The Most Highly Sought After Search Rank in The First Page of Search Results for the Most Valuable Keywords and Search Phrases – Especially Those Showing Purchase Intent – May Take as Long as 6 Months to a Year To Earn Page One Rank. The Right Budget and Strategy for SEO Service Depends on Competition for the Industry and Keywords and the average sale or average lifetime value of a customer. We can help you figure it out. Questions? Just Ask